Doctor Who & Torchwood

Doctor Who





On the off chance that I would find something interesting to watch I looked for the show that seemed to draw a huge crowd. Doctor Who pleasantly surprised with its interesting characters as well as the take on life. While the quality of filming was questionable for the first few episodes, the acting and the storylines were enough to keep me coming back for more.

When I binged watched the seasons I was surprised that there weren’t more episodes. It seemed that the Amy and Rory theme wasn’t as long as I originally thought. Which was a bit sad as I really like the dynamic between Amy and Rory. I finally figured out why Rory was called  the last centurion, it took me a long time to find that episode but it was worth the search.

I can’t wait for more seasons to be available.

While I’m waiting for those seasons I watched Torchwood. The show is a little zany but worth the watching. The last season had a feel like they were trying to move the show over to the states but it didn’t work. Which is sad as I’d have liked to see more episodes in the states. I just don’t think american minds can follow the complex nature of the Doctor Who style show.


Which did you like more? Torchwood or Doctor Who?


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