The slippery slope

It’s easy to fall down the slope when the footing disappears.

So easy to kiss your cares good-bye and to demand that fate forget you.

How I’ve cursed the wind and snow.

Even as I write this I wonder what craziness will befall me.

For what is good certainly fails

and left behind is misery.

At least, that is what I’ve noticed.

These past few years

I wouldn’t want to redo.

Well, that’s not quite true.

There are parts I want to relive.

Like the day my foal was born.

To see her small and brand new-

well, that was a most glorious gift.

To taste victory

when everyone said give in.

To keep fighting

when most would have backed down.

My victory is near.

I can taste it in the air.

“It is always darkest before the dawn…

Shake it out Shake it out”

I could have walked away from this path.

I could have decided to take it easy.

However, that just isn’t me.

Soon, you will see.


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