Frantically looking for quick money

Well, I feel like I’ve been fighting people and then I saw this on youtube and I have to say that I think Peggy would understand how I’m feeling.

I am taking this week to relax but it’s turned out to be a stress fest. Why?

Because as always this *one* didn’t budget correctly and believed that her luck would change.

I have to laugh at myself because obviously, my luck is horrible. I mean I get what I want but I never have the funds to pay for it. I need to clarify my statements only give me what I can afford financially. Please, I just want financial stability.

Too bad my mind is off on an adventure and it forgot to take the rest of me along. Ok, so why am I even writing this? Am I just ranting? Yes, and No.

Tips to find Freelance work:

For the past two days I’ve been frantically searching for a way to make some quick bucks (my mom said to sell stuff but I don’t want to go digging around to find hidden gems) so I’ve put my resume up on freelancing sites like, and I’ve scoured the internet for freelance writing opportunities. In my mind I keep telling myself to submit to local newspapers and magazines but I’m too afraid.

I’ve submitted to a few publications I found on there are opportunities out there but I am realizing that I don’t have what it takes. I’m struggling and I think I have to give up. My body can’t take the abuse anymore.

Oh, if only my life were a work of fiction. Then some mysterious suitor would appear and pay my horses’ board and buy them hay. I’d be oh, so thankful and it’d be like a 1950’s movie. Except that I am more of a Peggy Carter who doesn’t want the help of others. She was a one woman army and I feel the same way. However, she did let others help her and I guess I need to do the same.

My thoughts are chasing their tails and I’ve had enough of this roller coaster ride. If only I had better luck. Then the lotto ticket I bought today would have been a winner. There was a millisecond when I thought I had won. This hope and elation filled me but was snuffed out when I realized I was mistaken. That is the most bitter feeling of all.


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