What is family?

Family is not caring for each other unconditionally.

It is however, deciding that they’ve helped to much.

I’m not going to enable you any more.

Well, thanks because

I have narcolepsy

I’m a survivor of abuse

I guess I’m not important

I guess my dreams are silly

What I have achieved is nothing.

I thought that family was there to help you soar.

No, they are there to cut you down.

I just realized some things about my family.

I just realized I no longer want them around.

It was a subtle poison.

One I didn’t know existed.

Now, I’m on the hunt for help.

I’m on the quest to seek help from strangers.

Because family judges but doesn’t care.

Family blames me for everything.

Even though they say they don’t.

Actions speak louder than words.

I want to flee but I’ve gotten stuck.

No way out.

I’m spiralling downward and there is no help.

Not for someone like me.

I’m judged because I didn’t do the normal things.

Like get married and have kids.

I sought more and so I fell deeper.

Pain is a thing that eats me from the inside out.


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