The Writing World

I am but a beginner in the world of writing. A novice, a neophile. I’m incredibly dense when it comes to catching on with trends and ways to market etc.

Which is why I’ve just figured out how valuable and useful twitter is– not only because you have access to people all over the world; but because you can connect with them and learn about new writing opportunities and meet new people who are in the same boat as you.

I’m a bit overwhelmed. I tweeted this morning that I often try to eat a whole cake in one bite. Which is impossible. I’m not a snake (although I was born in the year of the snake) and as such I need to remember that a meal, dessert, treat or whatever sustenance I am eating is best eaten slowly and in small bites; not only is it better for my digestion but it also helps my brain better gage how much I’ve eaten.

Why am I talking about food when this is a blog about writing? Well, I am not very good at pacing myself. My first birthday I did a faceplant into my cake and I tried to eat it ALL. I have a lot of ideas for writing and I love to write. As you can see by my multiple different blogs I have a voraciousness when it comes writing. I want to consume it all. I want to do as much as possible and I want to create as much as I can.

One of many writers’ tips is “Write a lot and often; write about anything and about everything. Just write.”  

Ok, I’ve got that down- see! SEE I’m writing a lot, but I’m not writing quality. What has happened is that I write these inane things but I’m scared to death of creating quality work. I have a minor in writing and I feel as though I can’t write at all. In my writing classes I felt as though I worst writer ever. Except in my poetry class (which I wasn’t even all that interested in); my professor was amazing. He expected a lot but he was also laid back. I learned so much from him. Looking back I thought he was absent minded because he let his students “rule” the classroom- as in: he valued our input. He had a lesson plan and certain assignments but I did well in his class and I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I wish I had taken that class when I was a freshman and I wish I had taken more of his classes while I was in college

Oh, I digress. I went off on a tangent. What I mean by the above, is that he was the first professor that taught me to take smaller bites and to focus on revision. Also, I could write lots of poems and then choose from them; maybe I did well in his class because I didn’t care so much. My best writing is often done when I am not emotionally attached to it.

When I was working on my last assignment for Fiction I spent maybe 20 minutes on it and that was the only paper I received an A on (I also pretty much read the directions and answered them in short sentences).

As I reflect on what I’ve learned, I’ve realized I haven’t learned enough. I want to learn more- I need to learn more. I just don’t know where to turn. I’m afraid to join groups because everyone there writes better than I do (that is exactly why I should join). I have “raw” talent (I can make really complicated meals without thinking about it but have difficulty making scrambled eggs) but I lack direction.

I have direction but I don’t know where to start. 

Step one: Write (but I do write & then I get confused & flustered & I realize what I’m writing doesn’t make sense & the storyline will never move forward [is that because you don’t want it to move forward] I then give up)

Step two: Edit (Never get to this spot)

Step three: Edit (have never even been close to here)

I keep making myself sick my trying to eat a whole cake in one bite instead of pacing myself. My thoughts need to settle down.

My writing tip for myself is: Write maybe 500 words a day and then revise them. Don’t write the whole story all at once- you’ll make yourself sick. Keep the idea in your mind and ruminate on the flavor of it. Take your time. Fully bake the story or else you’ll get sick. 

Also I meant to say check out this blog.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment below 🙂 and reblog if you agree!


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