On the cusp of waking up

I had a dream last night. One of those vivid dreams. It was quite believable but as I look back it was hodge podge. A conglomeration of things.
A party for one of my mom’s friend’s daughters. Yet my family wasn’t there. I was driving my old beat up truck to the party but then I switched perspectives and I was no longer the girl in the truck but someone else.
Multiple times throughout my dreams I was asked out by a group of young men. They all looked similar and when I asked who wanted to go out with me they stayed silent.
The thing to these dreams was how colorful it was and already I’m losing some of it. That is what I hate the most. Losing the in between bits. Pretend memories that are lost among the waking moments.
The most interesting thing is that I was in a house that was moving and when I looked in the sky there was a message like in the Hunger Games. It was blurry at first and then it said F. FOUN. 22 HACK. WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME.
At some point during this I switched in a car traveling on a highway. The message then flashed pictures of myself (like those on facebook) and I started freaking out. I was exposed to the world and how could he have thought I’d appreciate it or was he trying to expose me so that I would need his protection.
Then I asked one of my travelling companions why he would do that. A girl sat on my left and a boy with a hearing aid sat on my right.  He had dark longish curly hair and wore a flannel shirt.
He said “I don’t know. Ask them” I look out the car window and coming off of the mud roads is a huge shiny red Dodge Ram 3500 dually. It is modified though or maybe it’s pulling something. They come beside us and I shout who wants to go out with me. There are four or five guys.  No one says anything.
I continue “Whoever did that- that gave me a panic attack.  I don’t appreciate being called out like that.” Then in the depths of the vehicle (or maybe on a hologram screen?) An older man in a tan suit, red tie and he has silver hair says “Jaks was trying to get into the system and he decided to…” the rest of the explanation is gone. The truck zooms by and the scene changes we’re in a city now with multiple lanes, roads and exits. It is overwhelming. There are cars of all shapes, sizes and styles. There was a guy pulling two trailers with a truck bicycle thing. The second of the trailers was a goose neck trailer with the gooseneck removed. I was offended that they would pull horses in such an unsafe manner. That caravan goes down and exit to the right. It was insane in that city. People driving helter skelter and I remember looking around and wondering why everyone was crazy.
I wasn’t driving the vehicle I was in; I was being driven.
I wish I could remember more but the daylight is rolling towards me and the time of dreams has drifted into the clouds for the waking hours.
Oh, how strange my dreams are.


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