Announcing: A Facelift


Well, it’s 2015 and I realized that my blog was looking a little stale. So, I reorganized it and I like it. The main page is now static. I like static pages. Check under Whimsically Witty for my blog posts. I’ve changed the title of my blog because it has become more than just a spot for my fiction. I promise you though, I will post more fiction (once I can develop something worth reading).

As always, I love that you stop by and read what I write. I’m looking forward to the new year and creating more for you.

Also, I’d love to have some guest posts on here/ do a blog hop. Please, contact me if you have any ideas.

 I’d like to have several guest writers-

Some ideas:

A blog about the season’s change- maybe a short story or poetry.

A post regarding the changing nature of writing.

A book review

A blog review

A movie review

More thoughts to come.

Oh, and if anyone has recently published a book and would like to showcase it on my website let me know. I’m into promoting other people!


2 thoughts on “Announcing: A Facelift

  1. If you are looking for volunteers, count me in! I’m thinking about the changing of the seasons in terms of how we spend and re-invent our lives as we age. I’ve discovered (not independently, of course) the freedom that comes with age, including the ability to write and create without worrying about paying the bills from those occupations. Happy Friday – Fawn

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