Let’s be Official

Officially speaking, I have started to edit what I write (I know, it only took 25 and 1/2 years for me to do that). As always, I had this super awesome post I was going to write. Instead, it’s going to be a quickie and the short end of it is that I think I might have figured out how I need to write/edit. I just need to be more structured in life (like that will happen).

My kitten brought up an old piece of masking tape from the basement and is currently playing with it. I think she is a few brain cells short of being normal. Good thing she is my cat. Well, that jump in topics shows why I need to figure out a way of writing that will be both productive and doable. My Narcolepsy has been acting up lately (or I’m noticing it more?) and I’m having a hard time balancing life, dreams and sleep. I know something will give. The last time I started feeling like this I quit my job and that sent me down a lovely rabbit hole of debt and silly decisions.

On my blog Deamer Always I discuss how I feel in a bit more depth. The other thing on my mind is my death trap of a vehicle that burns through gas like I burn through coffee. I put $30 in it yesterday and it’s almost at empty again. One day, I won’t have to stress out over these things. At least I hope so.


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