Not Felicia Day

This post was supposed to be on my main page. I’m not sure how I managed to post it onto The Tales I Write.

The Tales I Write

This is going to be a quick post as I have to get ready for work (like ten minutes ago). So, I kind of play World of Warcraft. I say kind of because I am a non-gamer gamer. I’m one of those people that play the starter version because “hey, why not” I almost bought the “full” version but I didn’t because I don’t want to pay fifteen dollars a month for a game I go on once in a while. Also, it’s a video game.

The gamer, Felicia Day, and I share the same first name (well, sort of- her first name is Catherine but she goes by Felicia.) She is a true nerd while I am a quasi-nerd. Like, I sort of get the whole gaming thing but honestly, I’m confused. That is my default setting- confused.

This is the second to last day of 2014 and I…

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