Ready, Set and Stay for the Long Haul

I am not a patient person. I don’t like to wait in line at stores. I hate traffic and I expect things to be done when you tell me they will be done.
Which is why I love writing and tight deadlines. Give me something to write in a short period of time and I’ll get it done. I do best on the fly and down to the wire because I don’t have time to get tired.
The thing I dislike about writing is that it is a process that never ends.  To become successful as a writer you have to keep writing. You can’t give up. My stubborn personality means I’ll push up to a point; if a task seems to be endless or pointless I jump ship. That’d be the anxiety talking right there.
When I had my car accident I didn’t think about getting medical treatment; I was fixated on having to get to work and that was the only thought I had. Now, as I continue with my life I just want the whole insurance thing to be done. I hate all of the red tape and paperwork and waiting. It drives me a bit insane.
Throughout my life I’ve had to wait impatiently for things to happen. Through all of that waiting I’ve begun to realize waiting is what we do.

I’m not going to lie- this second half is being written about a week after the beginning. 

I’m still waiting and I’m beginning to think that my lot in life is to wait and to deal with dreams bathed in nightmares.


At least I have kittens to make life bareable. Every night when I get home from work my two kittens greet me and want pets. Two balls of fur just want to tell me they missed me and that they are happy I’m home. Animals make the waiting less gruesome.
Let’s not forget about these beauties.



Yes, I love my animals.



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