The Quest for Car Insurance Respect

Let me tell you a little story.

A girl on her way to work was driving along the road when all of a sudden she saw lights in her lane. She did her best to avoid getting hit. Drove off the road but there was no way out. A trailer took out her front end. The girl came to after the car had stopped. She sat staring at her deflating air bag. Dazed and Confused she got out of the car. She was jumpy and worried about how she’d be late to work. Fixated on getting to work. The guy who hit her was a ways down the road. She thinks he wouldn’t have stopped if his trailer hadn’t lost a tire. He seemed a little shocked as well but not out of it. The girl felt bad that he had hit her. She felt bad that the accident inconvenienced him. What a strange thing for her to think because she could have died. If she hadn’t swerved she would be dead. A head on collision and just like that her life snuffed out. The accident past she thought the worst was over but since then, well she’s had to deal with back pain and soreness and stress over getting a car and then not having the money (she would have had if she hadn’t been in the accident) to care for her horses. Yes, she has been struggling but she was making it. Yes, she was making it. The accident has opened a can of worms that she shouldn’t have had to deal with. Like being late to work because of doctors appointment and lawyer’s appointments. She’s had to struggle to concentrate since the accident but the doctors say she wasn’t injured; that she doesn’t have a brain injury. However, she knows her brain and it’s not the same.

To add insult to injury the insurance companies have been utterly unhelpful. They’ve held up her payment and they’ve tabled what the said they’d pay. It’s been over a month so where is the money? Is she supposed to starve and sell her horses because the insurance companies are too stingy to care? Where is the justice? Where is the American Spirit.

Geico- I’m calling you out. Your adjuster tried to force me to settle and I had to get a lawyer. Geico- I don’t think you care. If you did then I’d have the money I shelled out for the rental car. The money that was supposed to be used to by food. I couldn’t buy food because Geico decided that my insurance claim wasn’t important. Geico decided that shelling out $800 wasn’t a priority. For a company as big as Geico that is nothing. So riddle me this- why has Geico kept that money from me. Are they doing that poorly that they need to hold on to every penny with their cold, clammy hands?

I demand the money I need to put food on my table because without it I’ll starve. Geico- is $800 really too much to provide- is my life worth that little? Tell me, am I wrong to write this? I wasn’t at fault. I did my best to avoid being hit and yet, no one helped nor stopped to say they were witnesses. They were all too busy with their lives. Too busy to care. Too stingy to offer help.

America- have you really lost your soul?


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