Watch: Children react to new ‘normal Barbie’

I grew up playing with Barbie and I have to say, I wish that this doll was around when I was younger.

FOX 61

(CNN) — It began for Nickolay Lamm as a question: What would Barbie look like if she had the dimensions of an average woman?

His answer came in the form of the Lammily doll: a shorter, broader, brunette version of the idealistic blond Mattel doll.

Now Lammily is ready to make her debut, complete with a sticker pack that features pimples, moles, cellulite and scars that can be applied.

“I feel she looks so real, so ordinary, that you don’t focus on what she looks like but … on what she does,” he said by telephone on Wednesday.

That perspective helped propel Lamm’s crowd-funding effort to build the doll.

The 26-year-old toy maker said the dolls will be mailed to his crowd-funding backers no later than Black Friday, the traditional kickoff for holiday shopping. Thousands more, which were preordered, will also be shipped before the holidays, he said.

Lammily Doll Lammily Doll

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Well, I haven’t written much lately. I swear someone cast a curse on me or something.  Every time I think I’ve made it out of the woods I find myself deeper in the thicket of confusion.
I bought a truck which is great having my own wheels again but it’s been a nightmare trying to register it and now it needs a new water pump and the hood is messed up.
Ishould be writing this post on my personal blog but seeing as I’ve fallen completely off of the NaNoWriMo bandwagon and I’m lost in the woods I think writing about all of my car trouble is fitting.
Ever since the accident I feel like I’ve lost the ability to think normally. My narcolepsy is ten times worse than before and I really just don’t care about anything any more.
I wonder why I didn’t just let myself die in that accident. Why didn’t I drive head on. All of my stresses would have gobe away.
I know don’t think like that but I am just so exhausted. I’m tired of fighting and hoping I’ll succeed and then realize I was being stupid.
Enjoy life as it comes but I’m struggling to figure out why bother when joy is overshadowed by pain and suffering.
I don’t date because my narcolepsy makes it hard for me to function. I get overwhelmed too easily and I’m afraid my narcolepsy will embarrass me. Like I’ll fall asleep on a date or I’ll lose control of my words and I’ll say something I didn’t mean.
People say life is worth it but I’m so close to giving up and letting go of all of my hopes.


I am a few days late. Uh, six days to be exact. However, I’d like to say that I have a valid excuse. My car got totalled last week. A guy hit me with his utility trailer. I said it that way because whenever I say I was in an accident everyone assumes I was at fault (I wasn’t).

Thankfully my physical injuries are relatively minor. I injured my lower back and I have headaches but no broken bones nor any facial damage. The emotional and financial repercussions of the accident are substantial. Direct and indirect costs due to the crash have reached about ten grand and will increase as I have to go to the chiropractors and physical therapy. I guess I’ve hit a spate of bad luck.

So, I’ve not had the energy to write much. In fact I think I hit a large writer’s block. I said I would do NaNoWriMo though and so I shall. I’m writing it on Tablo- a book writing site. I like it because it is very user friendly and I love the interface. It is very intuitive and I would recommend it to any and all of my writer friends.

Here is a link to the beginning of my NaNoWriMo novel keep in touch and check back often. I have about another 100 words to write tonight and then I’ll call it quits.

My goal is to hit 50000 words this month. At the moment that means I need to write about 2084 words per day. I’m shooting for about 2500 words a day but we’ll see what happens. The most important thing is consistency. Writing is all about consistency.