Duchess of the Dark: Part Two

Here in the Northeast it is raining dogs and cats (well, not literally) but it is a day I wish I could curl up in comfy sweats and read a book or two. Alas, I have to be at work by noon. I did, however, finish the next installment of the serial I’m working on. Check it out here it’s a bit longer but since this serial is a work in progress it isn’t perfect.

That is what I want my readers to understand- the serial is a complicated first draft of sorts. You see, I’ve reworked the book multiple times. I’ve had to add and subtract characters, plot lines and story elements. This book has been maddening and confusing. The more I push to get done with this infernal book the more it dallies and dottles. Writing a weekly serial helps me stay on track. My readers, because you expect another story I write it. I write for you. I already know what happens at the end. I don’t need to write the story but I write it for you.

The price for this serial is “Reader sets the price” which means you can price it for 0.00 or you can contribute towards my writing career. If you want to help in another way please write a review for any (or all) of my serials. Why? because it helps bring readers to my book but it also helps me know what my readers want.


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