Personal versus Professional Blog

I am a blogaholic. I love to blog about anything and everything. Give me enough time and I’ll write four blogs a day. That being said, I also know that writing that much on one blog would lead to some detrimental blog posts which would decapitate my writing career.

We’ve all done it- written something we shouldn’t have written and published it on the web only to go back and delete it. I prefer to have two blogs (or three or four) where I can post both the good stuff (like what is on here) and the crazy stuff (on )

I just wrote a blog post on there: and it is definitely not a professional blog post at all. It is me being me. The crazy, silly me that often hides in the shadows while the more articulate side of myself works to create a professional blog worth reading (it is, of course, a work in progress). So if you want to read some craziness follow that link to Dreamer Always.


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