Watching Castle Yields Results

I’m catching up on last night’s episode of Castle. He just said “Every fantasy story is based on a kernel of truth. An experience that powerful is going to find its way onto the page.”

Isn’t that why we write? We are moved and convinced that we have to express what we feel. Yet, we can’t explain what we feel to others so we write. We write in journals, online, we draw, we paint and create poetry, limericks, prose and stories. We write memoirs and essays. Jot down technical description and codexes. We create new literature every single second. Our thoughts beg to be put down on paper lest they scamper away.

Yet, a lot of what I want to write about I can’t write about. I have to think about my professional life. Oh, how I would love to write about how difficult my job can be at times. I’d love to deface the idealistic views people have of humanity. I’d love to create volumes of work about how horrible my life is.

I’m in that kind of mood. I’m trying to grasp straws; to keep hope alive when I feel like I have to give up.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to write much; I’m so tired that writing seems like a chore I can’t possibly surmount. Becoming financially stable seems like an impossible task. I’m quite certain I’ll keep making the same mistakes.

I was jazzed up about writing for NaNoWriMo. I want to write but I feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to write, own horses, work 40+ hours a week and live life. Writing is super important to me. I want to write. I dream of writing and networking and I want so much more.

The basis for most of my problems is that I want too much. I want to write too much. I want to explain too much. My characters are locked up by their need to want but not knowing if they deserve what they want. It is Lila’s week. I have to write her story and I’m not certain what to write. She is so close to my heart.

Other Reviews:

This fall I love:

Manhattan Love Story- The main antagonist is quirky, funny and bookish. I love how she over thinks things and her demeanor. I didn’t want to watch it at first but now I’m hooked.

Selfie: The main character is self absorbed but I relate to her because she wants to be liked. Our generation definitely has to deal with the fact we really don’t know what we are doing.

Once Upon A Time: This is a standard for me. I have to watch it on Sunday night. If I don’t bad things will happen. I love the characters and the stories. However, I want to meet Jasmine and The Frog Princess. I think those characters would be great to add into the mix.

A to Z: This is on NBC it’s interesting. Again a silly comedy about falling in love.

This Fall’s theme:

New Love and New Relationships- the eager excitement of opportunity and the uncertainty of whether or not it will happen.


Duchess of the Dark: Part Two

Here in the Northeast it is raining dogs and cats (well, not literally) but it is a day I wish I could curl up in comfy sweats and read a book or two. Alas, I have to be at work by noon. I did, however, finish the next installment of the serial I’m working on. Check it out here it’s a bit longer but since this serial is a work in progress it isn’t perfect.

That is what I want my readers to understand- the serial is a complicated first draft of sorts. You see, I’ve reworked the book multiple times. I’ve had to add and subtract characters, plot lines and story elements. This book has been maddening and confusing. The more I push to get done with this infernal book the more it dallies and dottles. Writing a weekly serial helps me stay on track. My readers, because you expect another story I write it. I write for you. I already know what happens at the end. I don’t need to write the story but I write it for you.

The price for this serial is “Reader sets the price” which means you can price it for 0.00 or you can contribute towards my writing career. If you want to help in another way please write a review for any (or all) of my serials. Why? because it helps bring readers to my book but it also helps me know what my readers want.

Too Much Too Soon: Why We Need To Stop Rushing Love

Reblogging so that I can finish reading this later. I like the introduction it definitely seems like a good read.

James Michael Sama

I’m sure I am not the only one who browses Facebook and quite often comes across photos of engagement rings and ultrasounds and changed last names from marriages and thinks to himself: Wait, weren’t you just single?

Everything seems to move faster these days, naturally. We have instant text messages and don’t need to send letters. We can Google something and not need to go to the library. We can get to know someone much quicker because we can talk to them any time of the day rather than limiting our interactions to sporadic phone calls or seeing each other in person.


So, it seems that it would also naturally follow that our relationships will progress faster. But the frequency of how often someone is in our life does not change our emotional capacity to develop a real lasting bond with them any quicker. We can say whatever we want…

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This Month, We Write IN HELL—To NaNo or Not to NaNo

And all I have to say to those who are on the fence about doing NaNo is read this.
Then come back and tell me you don’t know if you want to write.
I totally need this figurative push out of the plane. Yep. I totally needed this.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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NaNoWriMo. There are a lot of opinions floating around about NaNo and I can’t tell you guys what to do. Wait, I do that all the time. Hmmm. Okay, I can’t MAKE you try NaNo, but I am the friend who will gently and lovingly shove you off a cliff because it’s good for you.

WHAT!!??? You SAID you wanted to go BASE jumping be a professional author.

In my 20s, I lived life like a Mountain Dew commercial. You name X Dumb Thing? Sign me up! One of my favorite suicidal activities was skydiving. If I was having a really bad time, nothing to perk me up like free falling from 15,000 feet. But I’m a natural idiot adventurer.

My little brother? Was probably the more cautious/sane one, but I could tell from this spark in his eyes that he’d one day like to just go for it and…

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On Being a Procrastinator and Panic Attacks

This is a post about:

Oh good lord and lady, I’m quite sure I lost a brain around here somewhere. That is what I’m feeling like these days. I’m getting all worried because November is fast approaching and although I have an idea of what I want to do I don’t think it’s going to work out.

However, I’m going to reach within myself and find the calm I need to stay on task. My mind and thoughts have been wandering lately. I’m worried that everything I’m hoping for is going to disappear and I’m quite certain I’ve been living life all wrong. So horribly, horribly wrong. I’m too much in my own thoughts.

I’m hitting that overwhelmed spot where I don’t know how I’m going to do any of this. I have to write the next serial for Duchesses of Dark and Light and I know where I want it to go but do I have the guts to send it in that direction (there are several cliches and writing tropes that I’m walking along the edge of but I don’t want to fall into them).

It’s Sula’s big wedding day and I have to figure out whether or not she goes through with it.

Does she accept that she has to go along with someone else’s whim or does she put her foot down and flee. What about Frederick. Does he like her? How could he like her? They just met. Is it Fate that they met (I believe in fate) do I cut the ties between them? I know what direction I want it to go in but it seems like direction is so overused. Why would I want to use it again?  Or do I give in to what I know the story needs?

Sula is strong but naive. She’s lived in a world of her own. She’s been on her own for years and now she’s living with people fawning over her and Sula is unable to use her powers. She’s not happy so why isn’t she leaving? How do I translate what is jumping around in my head onto readable words for my readers.

Oh readers, what am I missing?

Most of what I’ve been reading for writing tips is ‘Just do it.’  NaNoWriMo has a huge forum dedicated to helping writers write better but I think I just need to write.