The Task of Writer

So as you should know- I’ve been working on several different writing projects. Most notably, I’ve been working on Duchess of the Dark. It’s had many names over the past four years and it’s gone through a lot of revisions and plot changes and growth. I once posted it on Smashwords (in its original form) but took that book down because it wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

Currently, it is a serial on Smashwords I’ve written two installments for it so far and although I like where the installments are going I need to work on them.

Both installments have been reviewed by the same person. The feedback was pretty much I like it but there isn’t enough of it. As an author that is the best kind of review I could receive. It ignites a fire in me- a desire to create more. When I read that I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. I want my readers to demand more I want to see reviews like that because it fuels me to do better.

The book is still in the works. It’s take a long time for the plot to appear. Still longer for all of the characters to figure out where they are supposed to be but things are coming together. Do I expect to get rich off of these books? No, I don’t, I used think I would. I used to think that I was going to be another great but now I just need to write this story. I need to finish it. I need to make peace with it. The story is driving me insane. The only way to appease it is to write it. Stick with me as I continue to work on this crazy story.


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