Clear your schedule for 30 minutes


I’ve been in the shadows, lurking about in the darkness pulling ideas from the hereafter and making notes in one of my various journals. Oh and I’ve been rushing towards stability and the safe route for that is what I need to be who I want to be.

While in those shadows I discovered some things about myself. I found parts of me that I thought were gone. They weren’t lost just misplaced.

Oh, enough of this randomness. I have an announcement to make-

I have sent out Duchess of the Dark to multiple agents and have heard back from them all- Rejection after rejection “This isn’t what we are looking for…” I get it. The story as it was sent out wasn’t what they wanted. Well, I don’t want them either. Instead, I’m going the route directly to the readers.

I will be publishing this serial through Here is the link to the first serial . Also I’m posting occasionally on my personal blog . Check out both of those if this page gets a little stale. Chances are I’ve posted something on one of them.

The schedule for the serial is I will publish it every Wednesday. This part was 2000 words. Each part will increase in word length by 500 words. There may be times when I publish something else (based on whatever story has my attention). For now what I publish is free! So check it out.

As I get my life into some sort of schedule I will also have an email list set up. I will send out once weekly newsletters to my readers- mainly to let you know I’ve published another story or if I have something exciting going on in my life.

I’ve written on my personal blog that I’m done with writing which was of course a lie. I can’t stop writing. I’d sooner cut off my left arm (I’m left handed) than stop writing.

So download the story and tell me what you think. I’m open to ideas and help.

Here’s a little tidbit-

While Laila is indecisive and afraid of love and romance, Sula is quite the opposite. Sula and Frederick’s relationship is going to get hot. Spicy and delicious.


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