Write What You Know


I’ve been on a spree, a kick, a let’s getting going and do this path. I am passionate about two things: writing and horses. My faith in God comes before those passions and I hope that whatever I write and do makes it clear that I am a Christian. I do not want to be one of those people who blares “I am a Christian” but doesn’t live a Christian life. I would rather people know by my actions that I am a Christian. Which leads me to this floundering and questing after what I am supposed to do.

I’m supposed to write. When I think about my future there are two things that I always want: the ability to write and the ability to have horses. I’ve always thought that the two should be separate. That a career where I use both in equal parts isn’t feasible. However, it finally clicked that there are a multitude of opportunities to write within the horse world. Most horse people seek out information on a daily basis. They are people who desire community and the ability to better care for their animals.

A job as a writer is ideal. Writing is flexible. It goes hand in hand with riding horses. I think I was scared/ put off by the loftiness of some of the equestrian writing publications. we only want good writers. Was what I read most often and so I would push away all hopes of being an equestrian writer. I believed I wasn’t a good writer. That I wasn’t want they wanted.

I struck out and started searching other avenues for writing. I felt like the horse community had failed me. That I was worthless. However, I realize now that I was just believing ridiculous lies. Today, I’m working on developing connections and creating opportunities.

Today, I choose to become an equestrian writer.

Here is a blog post I read that I found very encouraging: Emily Pope


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