The Lamb

This post is relevant for multiple reasons but maybe I should explain a little more.
It is Lent season and as a Christian this is the season where we pause and reflect on all that God has done for us. We also prepare our hearts for honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I have been reflecting on my Christian Faith a lot lately and it is amazing how much God has done for me in my life.
Jesus Christ is often compared to a lamb. Gentle, sweet and innocent.  These days most people don’t have daily interactions with farm animals and so that comparison can be hard to grasp.
I’ve been helping out at a local farm and they mainly have goats but the owner got a lamb from another farmer. This lamb is big but he can’t stand. He always has his head tilted to the right and it probably would have been better to just put him down. Except he has fire in him. He wants to live.
How odd must it be for him to have huge predators stand over him and lift him up and hold him steady while he gains strength in his legs. How odd must it be to be strapped in a sling and dangle in the air while your legs flay about but you can’t seem to get them under you. How it must be strange to be stuck on the ground when you are a prey animal and your life depends on you being able to flee. In the wild he would have been dead 2 days ago. Shouldn’t I let nature take its course?
Except that I feel this need to help him. I want to see him stand. I want to see him overcome his hurtles and I want to see him succeed. Why? I’m not an animal rights extremist. I have a lot of other things I need to get done. Better uses of my time.
In fact in my own life I feel a bit like him. I try to get my feet under me but every time I try I just can’t seem to get balanced. I fumble about and lay back down, exhausted. Sometimes I wonder how I’m still alive. Then one of my friends nudges me or helps me up and I try again. Like the lamb, I have fire in me and I know I will do great things; mainly because my friends keep telling me that I will.
My friends believe in me as I believe in the lamb. Yesterday, I spent several hours with him lifting him up, helping him find his feet and feeding him. During several points I thought he should just be put down. This isn’t worth it, what is the point? I’m not getting anything out of this. I have better things to do. Except he likes to sleep on my foot and by the end of our “therapy” sessions he was almost able to hold himself up. His front left leg is paralyzed, at least partially, and so he has to learn how to balance on three legs. I could go on and on about him but mainly I need to realize that he is in my life for a reason.
I hope he makes it. I hope that he will be someone’s pet and that he will be a strong little guy who will be able to jump and play one day.
I have a feeling that when Jesus Christ came down to earth and when He lived among us He had similar thoughts about us. We are injured and hurting; we are alone in the world, at times, and we feel battered and bruised, but we also have our God who is with us. He helps us stand and carries us when we cannot walk. He feeds us and keeps us safe. God loves us just as we are. We cannot offer Him anything and yet He helps us.


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