Developing Duchess of Dark Mercies

I’m at that point where a writer has to push past the wall, that insurmountable wall that threatens to force the brave soul to retreat lest they die under the weight the questions of the unknown. With Duchess of Dark Mercies I’ve had to re-write it multiple times. The shape of the characters and the plot and the whole story itself is evolving and changing.

You see, change is good. I went to a writer’s group on Saturday and I was so glad I went. It opened my eyes to the fact that there are people out there who want to gather and share what they’ve created. In addition to that there are people out there who want to help others succeed.

The biggest thing I find myself contemplating is the fact that there is no rush to create a good story. C.S. Lewis took about ten years to write the first Chronicles of Narnia book and so I know that Duchess of Dark Mercies will become more than a draft. It just take perseverance.

I was born to be a novelist. My best friend and I would go out in the woods and pretend to be fairy tale princesses. We both read book after book of lovely stories and we both grew up writing as well as imagining. 

She is a published author and a journalist. I am so proud of her. She has accomplished so much in life and I am excited to see where her next book goes. I am so thankful God blessed me with such an amazing friend. He keeps on blessing me with amazing friends and I am so lucky that I have them in my life.


As I write Duchess of Dark Mercies I find myself wondering about many things. I tend to be self reflective and as I write I realize that this story needs to be told. How best to tell it? Am I doing justice to my characters? What exactly do I need to write; to say? I like to plan things out and I like stability- sometimes it doesn’t seem like it but I can tell you that I get stuck planning the book and then I run into an issue I don’t know how to resolve and so I retrace my footsteps back to the beginning and the story changes. Which is why I need a writer’s group and why I need to find other writers who can help me stay focused; so that I can write the best version of Duchess of Dark Mercies.

The key to it all is structure.



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