Where does my path lead?

At this moment in time I am worried. I cannot see how I will cross this metaphysical abyss that is in front of me. I have many things I’m trying to get going but it seems like I’m always hoping and never actually seeing results. Maybe I should accept that I may be waiting for several years or decades. Our society and culture doesn’t appreciate the need to wait. Everything needs to happen in microseconds. I forget that I need to learn patience. Everything will get better if I just wait on the Lord. 

I am blessed that I live the life I live. I am so thankful for all that God has done. I know He won’t fail me but as I sit here watching The 700 Club (which, by the way I haven’t watched before because I thought it was too Christian-y for me) and I am beginning to realize that my problem is that I am prejudice against Christians which is funny since I am a Christian. 

Maybe my real issue is the fact that I am unwilling to align myself with God. I have created this schism between Him and I because I am skeptical of what it means to be a Christian without reservation. I believe in miracles but I don’t. I believe in God but I don’t. I am afraid of being duped and of being a person with wool pulled over my eyes.

However, if I believe in God and if I trust in Him then my prayers will be answered.  The key is TRUST and I have a hard time trusting anyone; even God.

Pray with me this week in asking God to make good on His promises and to show us that Trusting in Him is all we need.

Christian Broadcasting Network

Christianity Today

My debts and my worries are nothing compared to God’s goodness.


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