Creating an environment for creativity

I am currently working on Duchess of Dark Mercies and I am developing a “routine” to help my creative juices flow. 

Here is what I do to keep on schedule for the conference in a month:

1. My laptop background has promo pictures as my background.

2. I do something in regards to DofDM each and every day

3. I keep my distractions to a minimum

4. I carry a journal with me wherever I go

5. I take everything I experience and wonder how the characters of DofDM would respond

6. *I have daily quiet time where I reflect on what God wants me to do*

There are other things I do as well but the most important things are those above. Above everything else though, is my relationship with God. Throughout this crazy time in my life I am thankful that I have HIM to rely on. Jeremiah 29:11 is the scripture that echoes through my thoughts daily. I have gone through so much this year but it has opened up my eyes to so many things and I’ve realized that trusting people is imperative to achieving your dreams and I am so blessed with having so many amazing people in my life.

Writing is a solitary task  but the act of being a writer/ novelist is a social one. A community of friends, family and supporters is needed if you hope to have a sustainable writing career.

2014 had a shaky start and it still a bit rocky but I’m just picking up momentum for a great roller coast ride.

Keep a look out for more Duchess of The Dark updates.


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