Developing an Online Presence

In theory writing and making money seem like they go hand in hand. At least that is the theory my brain circles around like a starving wolf circles the campfire of the prehistoric man; drawn to the smell of meat and the laughter of strange two legged creatures. I am drawn to writing as on is drawn to breathing air.

Side note:

I just wrote this post and somehow deleted almost the entire thing. I am not at all happy that what I wrote disappeared. I have never had this happen to me before now. I just learned that I need to hit the save button more often.

Now that I have to rewrite this post I find that I have lost my train of thought. It is as though a section of track was misaligned and now my whole thought process has been derailed. Give me a moment while I try to gather up the bits and pieces.

Writing for fun and writing for profit are two very distinct things. When a person decides to write for profit they must ask themselves several questions.

Before you create an Online Presence ask yourself:

1. Will what I write be unique? Am I fulfilling a niche that hasn’t been met?

2. Do I have a grasp on the topic(s) I want to write about?

3. Do I have the time to commit to researching and editing about the above topic(s)?

4. What do I have to add to the conversation about the above topic(s)?

Once you have decided why you want to write for profit and what you will write about the next step is starting to build your presence. 

This is often where people stumble the most. As a writer it is easy to say “but I just want to write!” I think that most of the time. I find that I do not have the patience to stop and figure out what I need to do to create content that sells. As a writer I want to delve into my imagination without regard to whether or not it is going to be a productive jaunt into my imagination. I’m sure as writers you can relate to what I am talking about. Here is the thing to remember writing is very freeing but it is also very demanding. Many well known writers write about how much time they spend writing. It takes dedication and commitment to be successful when it comes to being an online writing personality/blogger. If you believe that you have the drive to sit down and write when life calls to you then here are some ways to help create your presence.

From google search

1. Diversify your writings- find multiple sites to publish your content on. Hubpages, yahoo contributor sites and all have multiple opportunities to publish your work. Remember that the more sites you send your work to the more likely you are to find someone who wants what you create.

2. Join online writing groups, forums and collaborative writing sites- Sites like, and are great sites to help find people who are looking for peer support.

3. Don’t get too emotionally invested in your writings- As a writer it is easy to become defensive about your writings but remember that writing is a process and when someone suggests a change they are suggesting it to help you become better at what you do.

4. Research your topics and read a wide array of books, magazines and articles- As a writer it is extremely important that you continue to improve your craft. Read, write and collaborate with other writers and soon you will find that people are reading what you write.

5. Give it time- The thing about writing for profit is that it takes time to develop a following. It can take years for your career to take off. Most writers give up before they hit their stride with writing and that is a mistake that I see too often with young talent. Remember that the brain is a muscle that needs constant exercise to stay well honed.

As you begin your journey to creating compelling and interesting content make sure you also stop and enjoy life. For writing is all about cataloging the human story.


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