Guest Post by: Julie


Hi There,

My name is Julie and my human is Felicia. Usually, I let her do the writing because I have better things to do, but I wanted to fill you in on events from my side of the fence.

Before I go any further I wrote one other time Right here. I would suggest reading that when you get a chance.

A quick bio about me: I am a beautiful Bay Trakehner mare born May 22, 1992. Felicia says I am the perfect height for her; when someone asks how tall I am she says I am 16.3 hands. Felicia has been my human since June 2008. I love her dearly and have traveled all over the place with her.

I want to set the record straight. Felicia loves me and would never get rid of me because she was tired of caring for me. Up until June 2013 I was an only horse. Wait, I have to back up a little bit because I want to tell you why Felicia is where she is.

Felicia is a dreamer and I love her for that. Felicia said that she wanted to go to the Olympics with me and I wanted to do whatever she wanted. However, as time passed it became apparent to both of us that we would not make it there. I was sixteen when we became partners and as you well know the Olympics are for horses younger than I. Felicia has had to deal with a lot of impediments to her riding career. She has sacrificed many things to keep me. In fact this morning I was hungry and I was biting the wood; more because I know it annoys her and she’ll pay attention to me but then she yelled “You’re not the only one who is hungry.” She has been really stressed lately, she barely spends any time with me. That might also be the fact that I am no longer an only horse.

One of Felicia’s dreams was to breed me and raise and train the resulting foal. She says it is because she wants a piece of me here when I go over the rainbow bridge. I agree, I want a horse I trained from birth to be here to take care of her after I make that journey. I worry about her because she seems so lost. Not at all the bright-eyed dreamer I fell in love with back in 2008. She’s lost her spunk and I think it has something to do with me. She had a stranger come and look at me and I refused to socialize. I could tell that Felicia was torn. She’s whispered the words I have heard before “I have to sell her.” Normally, I injure myself so that she forgets about selling me but I can’t injure myself because there is too much at stake.

I have two horses in my care. Lexy, my adoptive sister, whom I disliked at first but now I realize why Felicia felt the need to add her to our herd. Lexy is sick. She has massive lumps all over her and they keep getting bigger. Lexy has also told me stories that make me thankful I’ve lived a charmed, love filled life. As my 22nd birthday grows near I have one wish and that is that Felicia won’t be hungry anymore and that she’ll spend more time with us and less time looking like she is dying on the inside.

My filly, Fae, was born August 6th, 2013 after many months of waiting. When I was pregnant with her I knew that what I carried was important. Fae is my only foal and I love her to pieces. I call to her if she is out of sight and I am worried that she will leave me before I have finished teaching her everything she needs to know.

Felicia says that she will be OK if she has to let us go but I know better. People ask her why she keeps on taking care of us when it is so obvious that she is unable to provide for us financially.

The honest truth is that she needs us. She has a second chance with Fae to compete in the Olympics. Right now, it seems like Felicia is going to give up. That this real life story of hers is going to have a bad ending. My question to you is this- do you want to stand by and watch as she falls to pieces or do you want to help?

It could be as simple as sharing this post. Or contacting Felicia to see if she needs anything.

P.S. She has decided to stop living where she is living because she can’t afford it. She is preparing to live out of her car just so that our bills have a better chance of being paid.

Thank you for reading.




Below is Fae my mini-me.


Fae’s sire, Lord Cosmo pictured below: (not sure why she came out so plain; I love her anyways)


Last but not least is Lexy



6 thoughts on “Guest Post by: Julie

    1. Thank you so much! I was very nervous when Fae was first born. I would neigh in her face when she would lie down and sleep. I was worried she was dead. She’s returning the favor though, whenever I go to take a nap she stands over me and nibbles on my ears. I believe Felicia will figure something out as well. I liked your blog post about the new smartpak saddle pad. I keep hoping Felicia will buy me a new one. Maybe for my birthday šŸ˜‰

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