Why should you blog? Here’s your Hook!

Some food for thought

Engaging Agency

Why Should a Business Blog?

1. Create value for your prospects

Content marketing is all about adding value by sharing relevant information that informs, educates and guides your prospects and customers. So by writing blog posts about topics that are relevant to your audience, you begin to provide value for them, as opposed to just talking about your company and what you sell.

What are their pain points? What gaps in information are they lacking that your blog can fill? What problems can you help solve for them through blogging? If a prospect finds value in your blog posts, they are also likely to find value in your products or services as well.

2. Become an industry thought leader

Keeping your prospects engaged over a longer sales cycle is important to nurture the relationship. Blogging provides you with the opportunity to show that you’re an expert and thought leader in…

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