Getting Paid To Blog

You should be a blogger!

“Right this minute single mothers in your area are making $40,000 a month blogging from home.”

Blogging from home is lucrative and provides you with the freedom to live the life you’ve dreamed of  just sign your soul on the dotted line.

Give me your personal information; I know you don’t have any money which means that you are desperate, vulnerable and more likely to sign up for things you can’t afford. Just watch this video. Listen to my story (that I’m making up) I was homeless like you. I was in debt like you. I was just like you and now look I have wads of cash and this beautiful home.

I was skeptical like you but I make tons of money just logging on my laptop for a few hours a day. It takes work but it makes lots of money.

Just put your name here. Give me your account information.

Really? You want me to provide you with my account information? I smell charlatan when I read the blogs of people “Paid to write” and I watch the videos of people who were “just like me”. I like the idea of being paid to blog and I like the idea of internet marketing but I do not like the idea of having to provide my credit card information. I even read one of the paid blogger’s site that said he has no money but he’s going to figure out how to get the money.

My question is- why not let someone test drive what you offer. NO risk. If they feel like they can do it then back charge them the fee. I wouldn’t mind paying back fees once I was making money but having to pay up front? Being told to invest upwards of 5K to “maximize your profits.” That is a scam. A true job would be one where you put your time in and you get money out. I could understand a service charge for the use of the website but the whole “upgrade your products” so that you can make what I make line of thinking makes me want to gag. Do you know how easy it is to manipulate and fake the things you are showing on your tutorial videos?

I know that there are content writing jobs and that there are jobs focused on SEO but for someone like me who is strapped for cash I cannot even begin to say how off putting it is that a paid blogging position would say give me 5K so that you make 15K in 90 days. How about I become 15K in debt because that is what is going to happen if I am stupid enough to fall for your trap.

I’m sure there are legitimate endeavors out there for bloggers but the fact that they are saying you need to spend 5K on products to make a profit makes me want to vomit. Talk about bleeding the poor dry. Vultures. People who circle the poor are vultures and why would I want to be someone like that? Why would I align myself with a scam company? Why would I even consider a job that looks, sounds and acts like a scam?

If I’m wrong then prove it to me. Let me try your products for free. Let me see your results in person and I will be the first to praise it. However, California and Florida are two hotbeds of scam artists’ scheming and plots. Forgive me if I refuse to believe that you are offering a legitimate career opportunity.

Oh, look I just provided them with free advertising. At least they have the marketing down right and at least they try hard to make this seem like the real deal.

If I’m wrong then prove it to me. I need to make money and I need a legitimate source of income at no risk of further destroying my financial resources. If you have a way of providing me that way to get paid to blog (without having to pay anything upfront) then I will work for you.

The question is, are there any takers out there?


The whole idea of this kind of Marketing is MLM (multi-level Marketing) and read this article here

I have just started working with Primerica and they use an MLM pay format as well. I am skeptical of this type of selling as I really don’t like the whole cult image. I picture a wolf leading mesmerised sheep off to slaughter. Is this all on giant scam?


2 thoughts on “Getting Paid To Blog

  1. I, too, would love to make money blogging. But I dislike blogs that are filled with annoying ads, and that looks like the most surefire way to do it. Still investigating. – Fawn

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