We Went to Grandma’s

Today was the big day, Buster, my little orange familiar (cat) went to my mom’s house for a bit until I know what is going on with my housing situation. I feel bad for him. He was just starting to relax here and then I went and shoved him in a carrier and dumped him at my mom’s house. He will be taken care of there and he will have a lot more house to explore but still, he’s my cat and he’s had some traumatic experiences (he was lost and he spent 6+ months in a shelter with other cats… he’s a very antisocial cat).

I took some pictures of the massive amount of stuff he has http://instagram.com/feliciajane411 that’s on my instagram. I didn’t take a picture of him after he got to my mom’s house because he disappeared into the basement which is packed with junk and more junk. I went down into the basement and my first thought was- this could be on hoarders.

I want to be witty and funny right now. I would love to say some kind of sarcastic zinger. I am just so tired. My brain is hard at work trying to solve the issues at hand but having to send my cat away burns. It’s OK, it’s not forever and it will give me time to clean without worrying about him. Life is going to get better; I just have to trust and keep on walking. 

What about you? Have any sacrifices, any worrying you can’t stop thinking about?



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