Stepping Stones are Cold

As I continue my quest to be super awesome and super famous and well, just super in general I’ve decided I needed to write something today.

So, what do I write about? On my other blog I found myself getting a little stuck. Frequently, I would start a blog post with something like “Well, or How do I begin…” or some other variation of that line of thinking. It was as though I was stuck in uncertainty and writing that starting word was me just trying to take up space. However, this blog isn’t going to fall prey to those problems I have on that blog. A new interface, a new purpose, just everything new is what will help me break out of the mold I inevitably made.

In my About Section I write that I am a Christian but when I write that word do some of you immediately want to stop reading; do you already have about a million opinions of me? I know that when I read the word Jew or Muslim I want to stop reading. Oh, if I see the word Atheist, I swear and quickly exit out of that tab lest God see my mistake.

Thank you, for proving my point. I totally know what you are thinking about – I knew she was a bigoted Christian who thinks everyone else is inferior to her.  That right there, my friends, is you judging me, just as I judge those I don’t even know. I am not perfect and I am not about to write flowery sentences about how perfect my life is.  I’m not going to pretend that I am better than other people because I am a Christian. Believe me, I thought I was better than other people for a while but, now, I realize that I was wrong. God loves me. He takes care of me. I am supposed to love others and take care of others.

The other thing that drives me up the wall is all the red tape people feel like they have to follow when posting online or when living life. Oh, Felicia, you shouldn’t write that or say that or x,y or z. You have an image to uphold. You don’t want people to know who you really are.  Ok, so I’m supposed to lie and keep secrets and pretend that I don’t have problems; that I haven’t made mistakes?

Well, I don’t think I can do that.

Here is what I won’t do (and I have done in the past):

I won’t vent about my personal life.

I won’t tell you when I have bowel movements or what color they are.

I won’t blog about my personal life in relation to if I’m fighting with my significant other or with a friend or with a family member.

I won’t write excessively about my horses.

I won’t write negative posts without writing more about the positive side of things.

Here is what I will do:

I’ll write fiction or stories that I use to help make sense of my life.

I’ll be funny when I remember to be.

I’ll write about how amazing my life is and how blessed I am to have so many amazing people in my life.

I’ll write about the stupid and embarrassing things that I did and how I totally ruined my super awesome self image.

I’ll write about being a Christian, a writer and a woman in her 20’s who is trying to make a life for herself.

I’ll write about my animals on occasion.

I will treat this blog as though it were a part time job.

Writing to me is a part time job (career, eventual income source and passion)

If you don’t want to read about those things then I completely understand. If you want to know more about something, please let me know. If you really want to know about my personal life then I may answer; but know that who I am on this blog is me, just not the me who my friends and family know. That is the cool thing about life and the internet. Here, on this page, I get to decide who I am. Am I the witty writer that you want to read? Am I the interesting novelist you want to know more about? Am I a creative artist that piques your interest? What am I to you? Am I just some stranger whose blog you read to pass the time? If so, then, that’s cool, just share my blog please, so, that others can pass the time in the same manner as you.

I just realized my post title hasn’t been referred to. That is one of my pet peeves- when people post blogs that have nothing to do with the title.

I live in CT and it’s winter here (in case you were wondering) and there is this white stuff on the ground that is cold and when it melts we get mud. I hate mud. It gets on my clothes and it makes my horses’ hooves smell bad and I hate having to brush the mud off of their legs. In this area it is pretty common to have stepping stones leading from a door to a garden; or as a type of walkway. Stone is inherently cold and right now I am following an unknown stepping stone path to a new phase of my life. My feet are cold all the time and I imagine traversing through a snow covered forest in bare feet on this stepping stone path. One misstep and I fall into the snow.  I do not want to fall into the snow and I am doing my best to keep my balance although there is an awful lot of wind whipping through the tree branches. Then I remember that I am a Christian which means that I am not alone. I have a great big God, my Abba and Yahweh who walks beside me and protects me from the worst of the wind. He is my rock, my foundation and he has laid out these stepping stones for me. Although they are cold they are showing me my path and I am brave enough to follow it.


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