OH! Dear Creativity,

Oh, how creativity can appear when you least expect it.

I just reread (well, read actually) this post: http://dreameralways.blogspot.com/2013/08/then-there-was-that-bit-of-insanity.html

I actually loved the flow if it and the inherent wit I didn’t realize I was writing at the time. However, (yes, always a however) I noticed how I wrote more in the stream of consciousness mindset; the lack of punctuation and the lack of keeping a thought out structure to the post reminded me that I need to be aware of my sentence structure and proper use of grammar.

Without even realizing it I’ve been honing my writing skills these past few months which means that I have become more adept at editing. I still have a long way to go but DofDM will be a published novel this year. It is too beauteous; too brilliant a series to languish within my mind for another year.

Take heart, dear readers, and pray for guidance as I navigate a whole new realm of reality.


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