Being Super Awesome

Since this blog is about to rock the calm waters of my life (well, may make more waves in an already tumultuous lake) I want to start off on the correct foot.

I’m going to give a shout out to two amazing ladies who are fellow writers and just awesome.

Check out these blogs:

That blog is by a woman who also has narcolepsy. She is helping put a face to the stereotype of narcolepsy.

Oh and this blog:

While I cannot say I have not had a boyfriend; I can say that I have never been in a serious or long term relationship. The way she writes and how she expresses what I’ve only thought about has helped me realize I’m not alone.

So, being super awesome is my daily goal. To do that I just need to be me. Easier said than done, some days, though. Today, well, it was super great. I feel free and so many other superfluous adjectives that I am about to “level up” and become bohemian Felicia.

In all seriousness, though, I have some problems I need to resolve and I’m not sure how to resolve them.

The first, is where the hell did I put my false teeth?

Oh, you thought that picture of me was actually me? No, I just pulled it off of google images.

Yea, I’m really old and crinkly and I have to wear false teeth. I could tell you why I took them out in the first place, but well, I think you already know.

I’m sorry where did that come from? I guess maybe I need to take some more pills (prescribed by a doctor!)

Well, anyways *looks away while blushing*

I find that when I blog I try not to write in long paragraphs, because when I read blogs I tend to skim them. So, I might as well make skimming easier for my readers. Not skinny dipping! Skimming…. completely different.

Really, goodness, get your mind out of the gutter. You should stop watching those pornos; because your eyes look a little blood shot.

Could you imagine if I told that to someone in real life? I think I’d get slapped.

So, now, that I steered everyone completely off topic (this is why I have a hard time editing DofDM)

My problems that need to be resolved:

Check out my About page-

There I mention I currently have no job, lots of bills, three horses (honestly, they are children but four legged.) and I feel like this is what I’m doing when I say I have to put them up for sale.

I also decided to leave my current residence (well, I can’t pay and the roommate situation has gone down hill… more on that another day). So, I have to find a new place to live. I could move home but I still have a tons of bills I owe in this area and well, I just like living in Fairfield county. It has such a quaint feel, like at any moment I could walk into a glade full of elves. Yes, I’m being serious. At least, mostly serious.

Then there is the whole money thing. You see, I keep finding these commission only jobs and I just can’t work at a place like that. Mainly because those jobs require financial investment. Investing in anything is hard when you have a total of five mouths to feed (3 horses, me and my little orange familiar) and the only kind of money I’m making is negative money, which is totally a real thing. The government does it all the time. You know that debt ceiling they keep raising, yea, that’s just negative money.

See, if I could just spend all day, everyday “playing on the internet” and get paid to do it then I would be all set. Career stability and a certain future (LEVEL UP!) Like, you know, be a blogger or editor or social media coordinator or do something that I’m good at, then I’d be all set.

I am stuck exploring options, always exploring options. Like, if I keep digging around on the internet I will find a job that is perfect for me. I’m beginning to think that there isn’t a niche for me. At least not a niche that pays.

Oh, sorry, that wasn’t super awesome. For every negative, two positives.

Two great things about being in this stage in my life:

I’m free to do what I want. I can write, dream and generally explore what it means to be me.

I’ve learned a ton about myself; as well as the fact that I’m actually excited about things. I can’t really tell you what I mean by things, but I am super excited about them.

I’m super excited about this crazy journey I’m on. I hope you are super excited about the journey you are on, because if you aren’t, tell me and I will teach you how I learned to be super awesome.

That’s it for my pep talk.


This is Rose. I trained her to be super awesome. No seriously, I did!


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